1. Basic statement agreements

All agreements the client makes through the internet or other means of distance communication with our shop, are covered under the General business conditions. When the client places an order, he/she explicitly agrees with these conditions.

2. Offer + contract agreement

2.1 The in writing, oral or per e-mail order confirmation from the client, is considered an offer to which the client commits himself for the duration of one week. The agreement becomes final through an order confirmation or shipment/delivery of the goods within that week.

2.2 Should any delivery delays occur, we will immediately inform the client no later than one week of this occurrence.

2.3 Any offer found at our shop is free of obligation, and is under the restriction that the goods are available on time, subject to an exceptional beforehand agreement made in writing. Non delivery or inability to keep terms of delivery due to partial or complete unavailability of the goods, gives the client the right to cancel the agreement, but only after a fruitless outcome and after a period of a least a fortnight. The client has no further rights in matters like these.

2.4 Partial deliveries are permitted.

3. The right to return goods.

3.1 When the client is also the user, he/she has the right to return the goods which were ordered through the internet or other means of distance communication at our web-shop without any reason within a fortnight to, his/her, explicitly informed address. This period starts at the earliest from the arrival of the goods. To stay within these guidelines, the return shipment should follow immediately.

3.2 All goods need to be returned to us as an insured package and in a perfect state including undamaged wrapping materials.

3.3 The client pays the costs for return shipment. The sales price will be reimbursed when goods are returned or exchanged.


We will not accept any return shipments that are unpaid and will send them to the return address.

3.4 Within three working days after receipt of returned goods, we will reimburse the sales price. The client needs to forward his/her account number in time, yet within the limit of the return shipment.

3.5 Reimbursement of the whole sales price cannot be claimed in cases that the value of the goods is decreased through use, through damage of the goods or its wrapping material, or through other circumstances for which the client is accountable. In these cases we will deduct a suitable amount of the value. Should the decrease in value of the goods be too substantial, in that we consider the goods irreplaceable or unable to sell, the goods, will, in principle, not be accepted.

4. Prices and shipment conditions.

4.1 Prices are to be paid as they are shown on our websites at the time of order. We have the right to correct these prices when it is obvious that they were caused by errors.